The lounge area of Candia Hotel's lobby featuring tan leather sofas, armchairs and footstools, coffee tables, TV and potted plants
The lounge area of Candia Hotel's lobby featuring tan leather sofas, armchairs and footstools, coffee tables, TV and potted plants
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Health & Safety Measures

“We care for our guests”


During these challenging times, the safety and well-being of our guests and staff remains our top priority. For that reason, we make sure we are constantly monitoring the WHO’s statements regarding Covid-19, as well as complying with all health regulations and applying all the necessary measures to ensure our visitors’ welfare.

In compliance with the Health Protocols, set by our Government, we are implementing the following processes:


Health & Safety

  • We have created an action plan that includes all the preventative measures we are taking, and according to which, we have designated a person in charge of educating our employees from each department and making sure that all guidelines are being applied.
  • Furthermore, we have produced a plan in order to be able to efficiently deal with suspected positive cases and we are partnering with local doctors and medical staff, specialized in handling and treating possible cases. A medical kit is also available at the reception of the hotel.



  • We are creating new hospitality cleanliness standards with the aim of preventing a possible spread of the virus and maximizing safety for our people.
  • All surfaces in guest rooms and common areas will be frequently and thoroughly cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants, while all public spaces will be naturally ventilated at all times. Unnecessary items will be removed from the rooms and the common spaces to avoid cross contamination.
  • We are making sure that our Housekeeping staff are wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and are cleaning each room according to the guidelines. To avoid overexposure of the guests to the cleaning staff and the other way around, housekeeping services will not be performed on a daily basis, but only on demand. In the same way, bed linen and towels will be changed for the same guest only at request.


Guest Contact

  • We adhere to the basic measures to avoid the transmission of Covid-19 in all our communal areas. Our hotel employees have been trained to operate according to the official health guidelines and we provide them with the necessary PPE at all times. With the use of special signage, it is made sure that the required distance of 2 meters is always kept and furniture will be rearranged to provide more space for distancing, while hand-sanitizers will be available in any public area.
  • We are changing our usual check-in and check-out procedures by extending the time a room stays empty between two subsequent occupancies. The new check-out time will be at 11:00 while you will be able to check-in anytime after 15:00 This is done, in order to ensure the proper cleanliness and natural ventilation of each room, as well as to avoid queues and overcrowding in the reception area.



  • At Candia Hotel all our food and beverage handlers are trained on safe food practices, while our restaurant is now providing set menu to avoid buffet queues and a possible cross contamination that could occur by guests touching the food with their bare hands



  • All our indoor & outdoor communal areas, such as lobbies, conference rooms, are being disinfected and thoroughly cleaned, frequently and always according to the health guidelines set by the government.



The Management of Candia Hotel

Candia Hotel

Theodorou Diligianni 40, 10438, Athens -Greece
Tel.: +30 210 5246112-7
Fax: +30 210 5246117
MH.T.E. : 0206K010B0014200


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